Monday, August 19, 2013

the best of the best

as far as weekends go, last weekend was one of the best.
as in best ever of my life.
ya, that good.

 ^ pleasure point, santa cruz ^
we spent saturday surfing in santa cruz
and i finally understand what it's all about - why people love surfing.
now i'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner. 
we have 4 months left in cali - i know where i'll be...


Friday, August 16, 2013

life lately... no particular order
 grapefruit for breakfast (or a midnight snack) is always a good idea.
 reminiscing. i literally have hundreds - yes, hundreds - of photos like these.
just kayd & i, hanging out on the beach or having the most genuinely happy smiles you've ever seen.
 summer in a bowl.
 lunch dates are my fav. 
thanking my lucky stars that hubs & i work minutes from each other, 
so these are becoming more frequent!
 one of my favorite babies - hands down.
 shark week.
 accidental matchy-match.
happens more than you'd think. we always go with it.
 rejoicing that my hair is finally long enough to put in a braid, without a million pieces falling out.
(at least not right away)
 camp okizu.
not a bad day on the job.
last but not least - turning my shopping-hating husband into a shopaholic.
this was his idea.

Monday, August 12, 2013

sister, diet coke and donuts

that pretty much sums it up.
sister time has come and gone, but marci's visit out here was the best
(& it only took me one week to post about it...)
we shopped our little hearts out. 
i don't know who was happier - me, to have my favorite shopping partner. 
or joe, to not be dragged along.
either way, it was great.
we made it to almost all of our favorite restaurants, and sipped on diet coke all. day. long.
plus we ate more donuts, ice cream, and candy than i'd like to admit.
we spent a day in santa cruz, soaking up the boardwalk.
^ see, more candy ^
we also made it to the farmer's market a couple times
and a giant's game.
 thanks for visiting marc! 
oh, and now things like this keep happening, so that's adorable...