Thursday, July 11, 2013

winter coats in july...

i'm not going to say i'm ok with it, but i've pretty much accepted it by now.
we went to a giant's game this week, and i finally remembered to bring a decent coat PLUS i didn't wear sandals. i was so prepared, and so happy about it. 
(and joe was really happy about it too, cause that meant i wasn't stealing his coat)
giants vs. mets
we lost...big time
we stopped at bob's donuts on our way home, and it was probably the best decision we've ever made.
they were making fresh cake donuts which weren't even close to my favorite, but they might be now
i didn't get a picture, but you'd have to taste them to believe how good they were anyway.
notice how i'm using the plural here? ya, we went back for seconds. 
and look how big! ^ didn't try it, but might have to some day

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of july

marin county fair
^^ gravitron! ^^
(not it's real name, but that's what i know it as from the 49th street galleria...anyone remember that place? 
^ the ride that lasted about 3 minutes too long ^^
^on the ferris wheel^
i had to work on the 4th (living the american dream, amirite?), but this ^^ was waiting for me at home, and suddenly i didn't care about working, cause my husband is the best
 plus i got off early enough to hit the pool for a bit
then we grabbed some dinner
caught a flick
and tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to catch a glimpse of some fireworks 
still pretty bummed that i didn't make it to any parades here, but overall it was a great independence day!
and thank you to all those (ahem, grandpa & brother) who fight for our freedom!
oh - and one star spangled cutie, just to make your day better!