Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Lucky me, I got to visit Utah again last weekend. I took a couple days off work to go home and celebrate Marci, Koby, and George Washington's birthdays. As expected, it was so so good to be home again and it cured my homesickness for, like, one day (nah, that's a lie). Joe couldn't get work off so he wasn't able to come but he was a good sport about me leaving him again.

On Friday, I finally got to go visit Kristi and see her new baby boy! He is such a cutie and so so tiny. I'm so happy for the new parents and I'm so sad I won't be in Utah to see Diesel all the time.
See, precious huh?

Saturday was Koby's second birthday and it was so fun to be there for it. He definitely knew the day was all about him and he was spoiled rotten (mostly just cause I was there). He is at such a fun age and he makes me laugh all the time. Here's some pictures of his bday.

I also got to see my bff Jenny Weese. That was an unexpected surprise since her husband was being super needy by also having his bday that weekend, but luckily they came to SLC and we were able to go to lunch.
Some of my fav's:
Koby planking, I think.
Kayden's cute smile and funny faces:

And finally, this gem: Koby and Kayden's favorite song to dance to is Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas. I wish I could take credit for teaching them to dance like this, but it really wasn't me.
 Miss everyone already. Thanks Utah.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feeling Adventurous

I have lived in Cali for four and a half months now and I've really been trying to take advantage of all the amazing things I'm surrounded by. Thirty minutes (or less) from our house is beautiful forests, beaches, hiking, super good restaurants, loooots of touristy things that I love (like Alcatraz, China Town, Ghirardelli Square...), and so much more. So yesterday Joe and I went on another new outing to the Muir Woods National Monument. Admittedly, it is quite touristy, but it is also a little embarrassing that we haven't been yet. It's so close to us and sooooo pretty. The pictures don't nearly do it justice so I'd like to take this time to invite you all to come out and see it for yourself. Enjoy.
The drive there. Decent view I guess.
Moss covered trees everywhere. So cool.
My main man. Well, my only man.

This tree had fallen over, but I loved how the branches were still sticking straight up.
Sooooo tall.

And then we finished off the day with some hot chocolate, honey-filled corn bread, and a chocolate chip muffin. Yum.
See you all for your visits soon!