Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween + other stuff

it's official people: 
i've eaten enough candy corn in the last 24 hours to make myself sick.
all in the name of halloween though, so it was worth it.
sick husband = no costumes, nothing festive, not even a horror flick to appease my need for anything festive. i even rushed to the store after work today to buy candy for possible trick-or-treaters.
guess what? not one child dropped by. 
now i'll be forced to eat all that candy by myself...poor me. 
wish me better luck next year!

in other news:
our weekends in san jose are officially complete (for now, that i know of)
i did enjoy our nightly stops at pinkberry, sushi dates, 
and filling up on diet cokes in the car -
but i'm excited to be sticking around for a while too.
on sunday we watched the giants win the world series!!!
i'm not a huge baseball fan, or a big fan of any sport for that matter, 
but i was really into the giants this year. 
its been really fun living in a place where i'm so close to a major league team, 
surrounded by loads of loyal fans. 
even the cross guards love a good sweep!

i love holiday-colored m&m's.
if you ask me, they just taste better that way.
and mini fist pump for the first plant at work that i haven't killed!
(i know its not a great looking plant, but i even managed to kill ivy, which my coworker said, she 
"didn't know was possible." so living = victory in my book.)
hope you all had a happy halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

sometimes when your husband teaches double-weekend seminars, 
you just have to tag-along.
so tag-along i did.
this weekend it was san jose.
while joe played superman and taught people how to read
(ok, his job is so much more than that, but i'm horrible at explaining it)
i spent my days shopping...
and hanging out on the san jose state university campus.
it is beautiful and it totally brought me back to my days as a college student.
dare i say, it even made me miss it?! 
ok, i don't miss spending hours studying in the library or walking everywhere,
but it definitely had me feeling nostalgic.
we even ate at pita pit, which i haven't had since living in logan.
and to use the wifi in the library, i had to get a library card.
i'll be back next weekend so it's totally worth it.
turns out san jose's not so bad...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

believe it or not, weekends with my husband around seem to be much more enjoyable than those when he's traveling for work.
this weekend, i took advantage of every minute with him.
we started the weekend off with a trip to the oakland temple.
its so pretty, and its such an amazing experience every time we go. 
on saturday, our local bff brett was nice enough to give us tickets to the usu vs. sjsu football game.
we drove down and had a fun day in san jose.
i must say, its really fun to watch usu win a football game.
i'm not sure i witnessed that in my whole 4 years going there...
joe and i finished off the night in san fran, stopping at ghirardelli for some dessert.
only 7 weeks to go until i get my weekends with my husband back.
if anyone wants to come visit, this would be a great time. book your tickets...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i'll use any excuse to celebrate

today marks the one-year anniversary of my move to cali!
while it's not nearly as exciting as celebrating one year of marriage,
i still think it's a little bit exciting, right?

for the first weeks of my life here, i was somewhat of an emotional mess.
(joe might argue that that's an understatement)
i was absolutely thrilled to be living in a new place,
with my husband!, starting our new life together.
but, i was also terrified to be living in a new place,
with my husband?, starting our new life together.
i was experiencing true homesickness for the first time in my life,
and for the first few days i'd burst into tears for no reason at all.
each day was better than the last though,
and joe and i fell into a comfortable routine of daily life together.

right now, i wouldn't change a thing about our lives
i love the freedom we have to go anywhere,
or do anything,
and i love that we can do it all together.
we've made so many great memories in just one year,
and this definitely feels like home now.

here are some of my fav's from the past year:
going to the beach
muir woods
our first christmas tree together
the redwoodsbaseball gamesmonterey/carmel
and most of all:
living with my hubs.
it sure is fun exploring this place together!
sometimes i get anxious to move back to utah,
but i know i'll seriously miss this place when/if that time comes.
i don't know how much longer we'll be here,
but i'm definitely enjoying this time while it lasts!