Thursday, February 28, 2013

i just realized that today is the last day in february, 
and i haven't blogged once this month.
it's a total shame because february was actually pretty great.
lots happened and i took far too few pictures.

jenny and matt came to visit.
it was the best.
this happened the night after jenny and matt left.
cause we are btb's and we're awesome.
we celebrated valentine's day at cheesecake factory, 
just like last year.
if this is the start of a new tradition, 
i'm more than pleased with it.
plus, i managed not to eat all my valentine candy in one day. 
i'm pretty pleased with that as well.
koby and marci had birthdays
i hated missing out on the celebrations, 
but thank goodness for facetime!
and koby wished me a happy birthday in return of my birthday wishes to him, so all is well.
we finally ate at one of my fav restaurants again:
little star pizza in berkeley. 
best pizza of my life. sooo worth the drive.
i got a new job!!!
i am the new grant writer at okizu, and i could not be more exited about it!
supporting families with childhood cancer seems like a good way to spend my days.