Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Visitors Welcome

My mom and sister came out last week for a visit and it was the absolute best! Marci was on her spring break and because my mom is awesome she came too! They came out on Tuesday and we spent the rest of the week partying hard. (Well,  mostly. I had to work on Wednesday and part of Thursday which was a total bummer. This was my first year without a spring break since what, kindergarten? It was rough. Something about "real job" and "not in school anymore" and "bills to pay." Whatever. I'm just grateful Marc and mom came out to force me into our own little spring break.) was such a fun week. I finally got to take them to all of my favorite restaurants that I always talk about. Pizza, Greek, Puerto Rican, Thai, [pizza again], and lots of tasty ice cream. 

We went shopping. A lot. That's one thing I really with my girls. Don't get me wrong, Joe is a VERY good sport and he will go shopping with me when I ask, but it's just not quite the same. Mom and Marci are the ultimate shoppers and I took full advantage of that.

We went to the wharf to see the seals, eat delish clam chowder in sour dough bread bowls, and enjoy the city. And we had to do some more shopping of course.

On Saturday we went to the beach and it was such a perfect day. Sunny, warm, ocean. That's enough to make me happy. PLUS we played games, laughed so much, and got my mom to watch "Fantasy Factory" [and about ten minutes in, my mom says "ok so I totally don't get this show" which just made it that much better].
The weather was nice but the water was still freeeezing.
I loved having two of my favorite people visit, even though it went by way too fast. 
Love you Mom&Marc!

And clearly, I'm not the best at taking pictures. I apologize.