Sunday, September 29, 2013

thailand travels part 2: phuket

we spent 3 days in phuket, mostly laying by the pool, eating, and getting daily massages on the beach (for $15!!!) 
oh, and riding an elephant!
we weren't allowed to swim in the ocean because the waves were too big and the riptides too strong, but the hotel and pool were really nice and clean - a welcome change after bangkok!
riding the elephant was awesome, scary, sloooow, itchy, and exciting. 
his name was leo and i got about a million mosquito bites on my feet while they were behind his ears. 
the trainer was adorable and kept offering to take pictures of us. bless his heart.
on our last night there, we decided to walk down the street to some local restaurants. a worker from our hotel saw us and said he would give us a ride if he could recommend a food stand to eat at. we agreed and definitely got the better end of the deal!
we ate fried spring rolls, pineapple fried rice, and pad see ew. it was delicious, and 100 times better and cheaper than the food at the hotel. i wish we would have eaten there for every meal. then the only guy working at the restaurant gave us a ride home on his scooter and refused to let us pay him.
some of those thai people, man. they're good.

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